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Worn areas on carpet

Having worn areas on your carpet is common but this article will help explain what causes them and what you can do to help avoid them from happening as quickly. We at 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration, LLC have been helping our El Paso carpet cleaning customers to prolong the life of their carpets for years with this valuable information and we are sure you will benefit from it as well.


What causes worn areas in your carpets and what can you do to keep them at a minimum

The worn areas are caused from being used more then the other areas and are often referred to as traffic areas, the more the areas are used effects how quickly and how much they stand out compared to the rest of the carpet. The areas begin to show wear and look darker or grey compared to the other areas and a good way to keep your carpet looking uniform is to rearrange your furniture to create new traffic areas, this will allow the carpet to look even over time with out there being such a huge difference from one area to another. Vacuuming the traffic areas often is also important to keep the carpet from wearing quickly, the less dirt, dust and sand that is being ground into the carpet will allow it to look new longer.

If it is possible to avoid wearing shoes in your house this will greatly help as well, shoes have hard soles and they pound onto the carpet with every step you take. Also many times your shoes will be transferring dirt and other things such as gum on to your carpets, simply removing your shoes will eliminate this from happening. Pets also will cause your carpets to show wear areas as well as pets have their natural body oils that is transferred onto the carpets and is ground in farther every time they lay on it or it is stepped on. Most pets go outside and the dirt sticks to their hair due to the body oils and this will transfer on to the carpets as well. Bathing and grooming your pets often will help reduce the amount of body oils and dirt that is brought onto your carpets.


As you can see simply doing a few things will prolong the life of your carpets and avoid the worn areas from being so noticeable. Also keep in mind that it is recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 months, this will provide a deep cleaning causing less wear patterns as well. Call 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration, LLC for a free estimate or to schedule your next cleaning at 915-490-2374


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