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Water Damage El Paso

How Dangerous is Your Water Damage Problem? After water hits, the first stage in the restoration process is to define the type of water that affected your residence.


There are two different types of water that can affect your home. The “less” harmful and dangerous of the two is called “clean water”. It often comes from such examples as your basement sump pump, a crack in your basement’s foundation, leak from a dishwasher or fridge, a backed up drain, etc. Water that comes from such sources as the ones listed above are relatively safe. Water such as this only becomes dangerous if it has been left untreated for between 3 and 4 days. The damages it causes is much more severe if it has been sitting this long because dangerous bacteria start to grow and breed from such stagnant water. Do not allow this to happen to your residence.


The second type of water is called dirty water. It is much more dangerous than the clean water explained above because it already possessed harmful contaminants before it came in contact with your home.  Dirty water may come from an overflowed toilet, defective ejector pump, a broken or backed up sewage line, etc. Dirty water that comes from a source as listed above is very dangerous water and must be treated as such. Feces may be abundant and solid toilet paper may still be visible on top of your carpet or other flooring. All the items and other materials that the water touched must be removed. Other house structures  such as carpet, pad, baseboards, and walls must be treated properly to ensure a safe residence.


When you do you have water damage, regardless of what type of water you were affected with, you must act quickly and without hesitation. Simply waiting a few hours can mean the difference in salvaging your expensive furniture, or having to throw it all away. The damages of water and mold are progressive, meaning that the more time that passes, the worse the damage becomes. In a few days, the damage will become irreversible and you will spend thousands of dollars to replace everything instead of safely restoring it. Acting quickly will give you the best opportunity in reducing your damages to a minimal level. Furniture and other personal items may be able to be saved if you don’t delay.


Mold can occur within hours, quickly finding its way into your home’s  ventilation system. This means that even previously unaffected areas are now also affected. If left untreated for over a week, the mold will multiply extremely quickly and will spread to the entire house. It will also grow to cover the baseboards, walls, carpets, and anything else it can reach. The visual evidence of mold of spot creates is often irreversible, although the actual living organisms are dead. If the water damage and mold is not treated for a week or more, they can ruin the furniture, making them structurally unsafe as well as not bacterially safe.


1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration, LLC has been servicing El Paso water damages since 2008 and has the experience of doing over 500 water damages. No matter how big or small your water damages is we can take care of it and get your home back to the condition it was in before the damage occurred and have the equipment to dry your home or business quickly.


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