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Small water leak

Many homeowners will experience a small water leak or two in there life but just because they are small does not mean they do not need to be taken care of by a professional. A professional water damage company will make sure that the damage that you see is the only damage and that there is no hidden areas that may be effected as well. A small leak in the wall may seem minor but odds are that the leak has be occurring over time and drywall, base boards and possibly insulation is wet and it needs to be dried out to avoid mold from forming and sometimes it will not dry out unless an opening is created to allow air for it to dry.

A busted supply line to either a dishwasher, refrigerator or washing machine can create a lot more water then many can imagine and water may travel to areas that you may not of even thought of to look. It is very common for water to seep under walls and make its way into another room that has carpet in it, the wet carpet may go unnoticed if it is in a room that does not get used or if there is furniture against the wall connecting the rooms. As the carpet stays wet you will begin to get a musty smell and upon your investigation of the odor you realize the damage, this could easily be avoided by having a professional water damage restoration company do a simple inspection just for your own peace of mind and also to determine if a insurance claim is needed or not. There is so many places that water can travel such as under cabinets in kitchens and bathrooms, into closets that are only used for storage and under furniture that is never moved.

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