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Shower Restoration

El Paso, Tx Shower restoration

There are very few companies in El Paso that offers shower restoration, but 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration is a full service cleaning and restoration company that can handle any cleaning need you may needs. Our services that we offer will keep your home looking beautiful the way you want it to look and keep your family healthy year round.

Dirty showers in your house can take away the beauty of your home and make guest and your family not comfortable using the shower but 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration offers shower restoration for El Paso, Horizon City and Fort Bliss. Our shower restoration process will make your showers look like they did when they was new and will eliminate the embarrassment that a dirty shower can bring.

Over time your glass shower doors will begin to get hard water deposits and soap scum build up on them and the clear transparent glass will look dull and almost like it is frosted glass. When you hire 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration to restore your shower all the years of buildup will be removed leaving the glass looking crystal clean with a smooth finish. The water deposits and soap scum will also buildup on the metal frame of the glass, they will be cleaned up and looking its best as well.

No matter if you have ceramic tiles in your showers, natural stone or fiberglass they all can be cleaned to remove the buildup as well. Every type requires a different method to clean and restore but we are trained and have the experience in every type to ensure you are getting the highest quality work. Dirty dark caulk will also make your showers look bad and 1st Choice Cleaning can remove the caulk and replace it with new caulk giving your shower the look of a whole new shower.