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Sealing your grout in your home

Many homes today have tile floors throughout the house and while the tile adds comfort and gives your home the style you like and desire the grout between the tiles are often unprotected and begin to darken over time. The best way to keep the grout lines their original color is to have the grout sealed, the sealer will protect the grout from darkening and staining over time.

Benefits of Grout Sealer

When you have the grout sealed there is a protective layer on top of the grout that will keep dirt and other staining material from absorbing into the grout. A high quality sealer will keep your grout protected and looking new for 3-5 years, other sealers that is not as high of quality will only provide you with 1-2 years of protection. Having tile floors installed in your home is an expensive investment and it only makes sense to keep the grout protected from getting dirty and dark to show the true beauty of your home.

Procedure to apply

Applying the grout sealer needs to be applied either when the tile initially installed or after it has been cleaned, having the grout sealed while the floor is dirty will seal in the dirt and your floor will always look dirty. Applying the sealer can be a time consuming task to take on yourself if you do not have the proper tools and equipment, hiring a professional tile and grout cleaning company will save you time and ensure that it is being done correctly. Also if you attempt to clean the tile and grout yourself and apply the grout sealer yourself the sealer will not penetrate into the grout if all the cleaning solution has not been rinsed and removed from the grout. If the sealer can not absorb into the grout the grout will not be protected. Also you need to be careful about getting the sealer onto the tile, many man made tiles are not meant to be sealed and if the sealer gets on to the tile and dries your floor will look patchy and not uniformed.

Cost of Sealing Your Grout

While having your grout sealed will cost some money it is a wise investment to keep your floor and home protected and looking its best. Once the grout is sealed it will give you years of looking like new which is a lot cheaper than getting the floors cleaned every year or two. When considering getting your grout sealed it is recommended to get a few estimates to compare prices but also remember that many times having quality work done with quality products will cost a little more then paying the cheapest estimate and not being satisfied with the results. 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration has been providing the highest quality tile and grout cleaning services in El Paso since 2008 and we always offer free estimates as well as a free demo so you can see the results before you commit to having the service done.


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