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Do you have red stains on your carpets? Many times people think that red stains on their carpets can never be removed, but 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration is safely able to remove the red stains for you. If you ever spill any red wine, juice or kool-aid do not attempt to remove the stains your self by grabbing something from under the kitchen sink. Red stains are caused by dyes or food coloring in drinks or food. Use a towel to get up as much as possible, you can cause the stains to get bigger by getting it wet or using a cleaner as it may spread. 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration provides El Paso carpet cleaning and uses special chemicals that neutralizes the red dyes and food coloring making them disappear. We have seen many customers cause more damage by trying to get rid of the red stains themselves. Never use bleach on your carpets no matter how light of a color your carpets are or how much you delute it. Also just because you search the internet on how to remove the stains yourself does not mean that you are getting the correct information, their are specially designed chemicals for removing red stains and 1st Choice Cleaning had trained professional technicians. If you are moving out of a rental property and have any red stains call 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration for a free estimate to insure that your deposit is not held or you are charged for new carpets.

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