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How To Know When To Schedule A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Getting Your Carpet Cleaned in El Paso Needs To Be Scheduled

El Paso Carpet Steam CleaningHas it been a while since you have had your carpet in your home? Have you ever had it steam cleaned by a professional? If you have carpet in your home, it is always a good idea to have it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. What does a regular basis mean for you? Well, getting a professional carpet cleaning can vary from house to house. A regular basis could be once a year, or up to four or five times a year but getting your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is a good idea for a variety a reasons.

Having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is a good idea because it will effect the way you live, work, and lengthen the life of the carpet in your home. You probably already know that regular maintenance on your carpet with a steam cleaning can remove the allergens and germs that tend to build up in the fibers of the carpet. Getting your carpets cleaned will mean better health for you and your family. Another reason for having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is that keeping the fibers free from debris will also keep the fibers themselves from becoming extremely worn. This means that you will not need to replace your carpets as frequently because you are taking better care of it and saving yourself the high cost of having new carpet installed.

How To Decide On The Frequency Of Carpet Cleaning

If you are trying to decide how frequently you will need to schedule your regular professional cleaning you should take a few factors into consideration. Carpet manufactures have recommendations about how often this should happen, these recommendations are based on different habits and environments in which people live.

If you have children in your home you will want to have your carpets cleaned more often as kids tend to spill food and drinks as well as other accidents. Children also play on the carpet so keeping it as clean as possible only makes sense to ensure that your children are not laying and playing on carpets that could make them sick. Also El Paso is in a desert environment with lots of sand and wind that will find its way into your home and into your carpets.

However on the flip side, if you live alone or with another person your cleaning schedule may be different depending on a couple of factors. If you tend to be a clean person who is not often home and vacuum on a regular basis you will most likely only need to clean your carpet every 12 months or so. However, this only depends on the climate you live in. If you live in a climate where high humidity is part of the regular environment, then your cleaning schedule will need to happen a little more frequently, like every 4-6 months. However, if you factor in kids, animals, and a dry dusty climate, you are looking at every 3-4 months for a professional steam cleaning.

No matter if you should have your carpets cleaned every 3 months or once a year you can count on 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration, LLC to provide you with the highest quality carpet cleaning in El Paso. You can also count on us to provide excellent upholstery cleaning as well.

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