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Granite counter top maintenance

Many homes today have granite counter tops in the kitchen and in the bath rooms as well, the granite shows the homes beauty and gives it a look of elegance. One thing that is often over looked when having granite counter tops in your home is that it needs to be maintained in order to keep it looking the best it can with the high shine and the smooth feel. 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration, LLC provides El Paso granite counter top maintenance that will bring your granite back to the way it looked the day it was installed and give your home the look that you desired when you had it put in.

The first part of maintaining your granite counter tops is how you cleaning it on a daily bases, many are cleaning it wrong and it will cause the granite to lose its shine and begin to look dull. Most home owners simply wipe the counter top with a dish cloth to keep it clean and to remove and food or spill but what happens is that the granite will begin to have water spots on it and water deposits. These water spots and deposits create a film like appearance that distorts the color and the shine, the water spots form on the granite because the water evaporates quicker then it is absorbed into the granite. There are many products on the market that is designed to be used to clean your granite daily and they will leave your counter tops water spot free and keep the smooth natural feeling it should have.

Besides the daily cleaning you granite will also need to be polished every couple of years to keep it shining, granite will naturally begin to dull over times and many times the dulling process is never noticed since it does not happen over night. Having you granite counter tops polished is best to be left to the professionals as they have the training and experience to leave it looking its best when they are done and they also can enhance the colors of the granite bringing out the natural beauty of the stone that you can not do by yourself.

Another often over looked thing is having the granite sealed, while granite is not a super absorbent stone it is possible for spills to absorb into it and leave stains. Most stains found in granite are either oil, coffee or tea; all of the items that may stain granite are used in kitchens usually in a daily bases and it is best to have the granite sealed to avoid staining from occurring. Some professional companies that offer granite cleaning and polishing will offer a sealing however 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration, LLC offers a lifetime sealer that will never need to be replaced and will give you the peace of mind that you are looking for.

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