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A Clean Home Makes You Feel Better

Having a clean home makes you feel better with out having stress that a dirty brings, just having everything clean and organized gives you a feeling of enjoyment. If you come home from a long hard day at work and see dirty carpet with stains it makes it hard to enjoy the time that you have at home but having the carpets professionally cleaned and looking their best will create the enjoyment of walking into your house. 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration has been proving the highest quality El Paso carpet cleaning since 2008 and we also service Horizon City and Fort Bliss. Our services are not limited to only carpet cleaning as we also clean upholstery, tile and grout, air ducts and dryer vents as well as provide granite counter top cleaning and polishing and 24 hour emergency water extraction. Below are a few points on how different items in your house can affect your ability to enjoy your time at home.


We recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 months however you may need to have them cleaned more often if you have pets, kids, have more then a few people living in the house or live in an area that gets a lot of wind, snow, rain or has a lot of dust or sand. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will remove the dirt, soil and other items that are down deep, the longer these items stay in your carpet the quicker they will show wear and become impossible to look as good as they should. Regularly vacuuming will remove a lot of the dirt and debris but some will still remain and work it’s way down to the bottom. After your carpets have been professionally cleaned having carpet protector applied is a smart choice as it will help keep them cleaned longer by creating a barrier that will not allow spilled drinks or food to penetrate into the fiber and it also acts as a repellent with dirt and soil.


Over time your tile and grout will slowly get dirty and the grout lines that used to be a lighter color will become dark and you either have the options of getting on your hands and knees for hour trying to scrub them or hiring a professional to clean the dirty grout. Hiring a professional will not only save you all the time and hard work but their results will be far greater then you could possibly do yourself. After the tile and grout has been cleaned you can help to keep it cleaned longer and looking new by having the grout sealed to prevent it from getting dirty and dark.


Your sofas and chairs are a place that we relax on and enjoy time with our family, spilled drinks and food will make your upholstery look bad and make visitors not want to sit on them. 1st Choice Cleaning has seen many pieces of upholstery clean up looking like new after we have cleaned them with out our customers having to go spend $1,000’s on buying new. Just like carpet protector will help keep your carpets cleaned longer and keeping the beautiful you can also get protector applied to your upholstery, no matter how careful you are accidents are bound to happen if you are watching movies or sports with friends and family.


Your air ducts is what the air passes through in your home either to keep it warm or cool, as the air passed through so does dirt,dust and allergens. Your home heating and cooling system recycles the air in you home, as the air is blowing out through you vents it is also pulling in air that it either heats or cools to supply your house with the temperature you have your system set at. The air that it is pulling in is full of dirt, dust, pet hair and dander, sand and any other thing that is in your home, this is the reason why many homes have such a dust problem. Having your air duct professionally cleaned will remove the dirt and dust from the air duct keeping your home dust free and keeping the air that you breath healthy.


Dryer vents get clogged up with the build up of lint and not only does it cause your clothes to take longer to dry but it is also a fire hazard. Having the dryer vent cleaned will allow your dryer to work at it’s full capacity and your clothes to get dried quicker as well as eliminating the fire risk. 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration has service many clients that have bought new dryers thinking that their old dryer was not working anymore only to find out that the new dryer is taking just as long to dry their clothes as the old one when all they needed was to have their dryer vents cleaned.


Your granite counter tops in your kitchen an bath room gives your home the true beauty and shows you take pride in the appearance of your home, over time the granite will begin to dull and lose its luster that it once had. Having the granite cleaned will remove the built up water deposits and having it polished will bring back the high reflection that it had when it was installed. 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration also offer a life time sealer on granite that will give you the peace of mind knowing that it will never be stained from oil, coffee or tea.


As you can see there are a few ways that a clean home will allow you to feel better and enjoy your home with out stress or worries. 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration, LLC can provide the necessary cleaning that you may need, we have years of experience and will work around your schedule to provide you with the highest quality service you can get at an affordable price. Call 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration at 915-490-2374 to schedule your appointment or for a free estimate.


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