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Are My Carpets Dirty?

If you have to ask yourself “Are My Carpets Dirty?” then more then likely they are. If they were clean you would not be needing to ask. Carpets are on the floor and not only do we walk on them and our dogs lay on them but all the dust and dirt will settle on them. Just a quick look at your carpets won’t show you if they are dirty or clean. However.  if you move your furniture around you will start to see what the carpet looks like under the sofa. These are area where no one has walked on compared to right in front of your most used furniture. 1st Choice Cleaning and Restoration, LLC has been providing El Paso carpet cleaning since 2008 and with all the sand here we see how it effects the carpets in homes.

How can you prevent yourself from asking “Are My Carpets Dirty?”

The keys to keeping your carpets looking clean is to vacuum regularly, at least twice a week and more if you have pets, kids or more then a few people living in your home. Avoid wearing shoes on the carpets are another thing that will help keep your carpet clean and looking better. Shoes are tracking in everything from outside on to your carpets and from your job as well. It is also recommended to rearrange your furniture yearly to avoid heavy traffic areas around your furniture. The areas that are walked on more often will wear quicker than the rest giving it a dirty, worn appearance. Area rugs are also a good idea if you don’t or cant rearrange your furniture.  Area rugs will take the wear and tear from walking which will save the carpet underneath them. As an added bonus –  they add to the decor of your home. Also cleaning up spills and accidents quickly will result in your carpets looking cleaner, the longer they sit on the carpet the harder they will be to remove. Keep in mind that if you are using cleaning solutions that you  purchased at the store they will not work nearly as well as what a professional carpet cleaning company uses. Any cleaning solution that you use to clean up the spots will need to be thoroughly rinsed from the carpet. Otherwise it will remain in your carpet and the soapy residue will attract dirt possibly making it look worse over time.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned will also keep your carpets from looking dirty and make your home look beautiful. It is recommended to have them cleaned at least every year and once every 6 months if you have pets, kids or a lot of people in your house. It is important to remember that calling a carpet cleaning company every few years is not going to solve any issues with your carpets and you may feel disappointed with the results if you are not doing what you can to keep the carpets looking its best between cleaning.  Finding a reliable carpet cleaning company can be a task in itself. We here at 1st Choice Cleaning are here to help you with any cleaning issues you may have. Our services include carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, granite and marble cleaning and polishing, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning and 24 hour emergency water extraction and dry out. By following these simple steps you will never have to ask yourself “are my carpets dirty?” again.

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